Hello World!

I'm I'm Alexis Toby

A Front-End Developer , A Web Designer ,

a little Back-End Developer ,

a continous learner ,

An Experienced professional in web development and enhancement with strong problem-solving skill and commitment,specialized in thinking out of the box to find unique solutions. One day I hopes to make something that impresses my Mum.

Life so far...

  • Breathing Since 1993
  • First Hit On HTML In 2005
  • Hatched A Small Computer Software In 2011
  • First Reward On Software Program In 2012
  • Inbetween Directed A Short Film In 2013
  • Landed On Web With A Portifolio In 2014
  • Passion Became Career In 2015

Lover of...

  • Breathing since 1982

Thinking about...

  • Breathing since 1982

Hater of..

  • Converting O2 to CO2 Since 1993
  • First Hit On HTML In 2005
  • hatched A Small Computer Software In 2011

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Reach Me

You can reach out me and sugegst som works and all. I will be really ahppy to hear you. Usually i will replace the mails with in day.

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